I think I'll forget about Crypto currencies

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I think I'll forget about Crypto currencies

Post by josephdetor » Sat May 18, 2019 10:06 am

I just don't like all the shady business surrounding Bitfinex/Tether, it's especially worrisome as Tether printing seems to have been correlated with the price surge of Bitcoin.
I've put a couple percent of my net worth into crypto currencies so I have some skin in the game, I was thinking about making that 10 - 15 % of my net worth. Xvideos Xnxx Chaturbate

But if you ask me it looks fairly unnatural and very manipulated, so it's just hard to put in larger amounts of money for me while the market have some shady actors with major influence.

The recent price surge made me truly lose interest, it seemed like such an odd timing too, since there were substantial issues regarding Tether / Bitfinex getting unraveled.
I'll keep the crypto that I have but I'm not putting in any more.

I might miss an institutional FOMO run, but I also think it is less likely to happen when the market moves looks like t.
I can't imagine that the SEC would approve an ETF as long as the market moves in Bart patterns and has the dominating trading volume done in an unregulated dollar substitute called Tether.
Too weird for me guys, I'm "out" for now, even though I like crypto.

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