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Airdrop Task Updates

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 9:27 am
by admin
For Round #8 there will be NO TASK to complete and forum stakes will get receive x2 only for this round.

As we prepare for the exchange listing we are making some more changes to make the airdrop participation easily and user friendly.

1. Starting Airdrop #9 all Airdrop Task will be move in the forum for better reporting and faster turnover
2. Starting Airdrop #10 the new airdrop platform will be opened to serve as an additional mitigation against multiple account, where in we will ask the members to sign in once weekly to check in for the airdrop. a simple click of a button so no reason not to complete this simple steps.

This changes is due to some members that are not visiting the platform for unknown reason, it could be they are not interested in completing some task or it could be to bypass our security check. When the new system is in place everyone will need to visit once weekly to check-in for the airdrop.