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Airdrop Rules - Updated

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Airdrop Rules - Updated

Post by admin » Wed Jan 16, 2019 3:53 pm

Airdrop Rules

  • 2. AirdropTalkForum Account
  • 1. Minimum of 10 Forum Post (Max of 5 Post will be counted from local)
  • 2. Each Forum Post will receive 0.02 Stakes for the Airdrop (All Members of the Donator Group will receive 0.05 Stakes per forum post max of 10 post per week are counted)
  • 3. Max of 0.50 Forum Stakes Earnings per Airdrop Week or Max of 25 Forum Post per week will be counted for the airdrop stakes calculations (All Members of the Donators Group will receive 0.50 Stakes if they complete atleast 10 forum post for the week)
  • 4. Maximum of 8 Post per day will be counted and will receive stakes (This rules does NOT apply to Donator Group)
  • 5. We count your post after your AIRDROP REGISTRATION Entry for the given week
  • 6. Spamming, 1 Liner, Burst Posting will not be given a stakes. Post Like Hello, Hi, Thank you will not be counted
  • 7. Each Task Completed on GPTCash Airdrop Platform will receive 0.05 Stakes

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